How Can We Rescue Those Being Taken Away to Death? 
by Brett Baggett

The word holocaust means “destruction or slaughter on a mass scale.” It is obvious why the atrocities that happened to those who suffered under the heels of the Nazi regime are now synonymous with the very word holocaust. Yet there is another slaughter of an even greater scale, and it is still happening every day in even the most modern and civilized nations. Holocaust is almost too weak of a word to communicate what has happened to over 60 million innocent children in the United States of America alone since 1973 (and those are only the numbers that are reported!). As you read this opening paragraph, three children were unjustly slaughtered in the wombs of their mothers in the United States. By the time you finish reading this booklet, which I pray to God you will, about 200 babies will have been butchered under cover of law. By the end of the day, around 2,400 of your preborn neighbors will have been murdered through what has so politely been termed abortion. This has been happening every single day for almost 50 years. The question that this booklet seeks to ask and to answer is this: What does Jesus command from you and me who are in Christ when it comes to the abortion holocaust happening around us? My answer, because it is the answer God gives in Scripture, is this: as Christ has rescued us, we must rescue others.


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