Romans 1:29,32

“[Idolaters] are full of…murder . . . Though they know God’s righteous decree that those who practice such things deserve to die, they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them.”


The below books, articles, and videos explain further the reasons why we must reject the approval of murder by rejecting pro-life legislation and political strategies which implicitly (and sometimes explicitly) give approval to the murder of preborn human beings. Along with Russell’s presentation above, these should be read/watched and then shared with others.

The Doctrine of Balaam by C.R. Cali, a theological book addressing the errors of the pro-life establishment which flow from their lack of adherence to God’s word.

The Five Reasons Abolitionists Oppose Pro-Life Bills, an article from Free the States explaining the five reasons incremental pro-life bills are counterproductive. 

Pro-Life Incrementalism: 47 years of False Hope, a presentation from Constitutional attorney Bradley Pierce explaining how pro-life incrementalism has failed at all seven objectives its adherents set out to achieve.

The Five Tenets of Abolitionism

The Five Components of an Abolition Bill, a podcast episode from The Liberator Podcast explaining what specifically goes into an abolition bill.

Pro-Life and Abolition Bills Contrasted, a presentation from Russell Hunter detailing what an abolition bill looks like and achieves versus what a pro-life bill looks like and achieves. 

Why We Can’t Pursue Both Incrementalism and Immediatism, a presentation from Bradley Pierce about why incrementalism and immediatism cannot be pursued simultaneously. Incrementalism undercuts abolition.

The Biblical Arguments for Abolitionism, a podcast episode from The Liberator Podcast regarding Biblical passages like Isaiah 1, Acts 5, Exodus 23, and others which teach us about the ways in which we are to go about the task of removing societal evils.

Why We Must Ignore Roe or Appease Evil, a presentation from Bradley Pierce about why the pro-life strategy appeases evil.