The Supreme Court said we are not allowed to abolish abortion, did they not?

Yes, but the more important question we must ask is, “By what standard does the Supreme Court have the authority to force the states to allow mass murder?” According to the Constitution, any statute, court opinion, or regulation that mandates unequal protection is null and void by nature. Further, even if Roe did have a basis in the Constitution, state governments would be obligated to ignore it. Greater still, above any man-made statute, is the law of God, written on every man’s heart and in Scripture, which outlaws murder. Will we abide by the Supreme Court’s opinion that mass murder should be legal and thereby ignore the U.S. Constitution and God’s Word? Or will we abide by God’s Word and the U.S. Constitution by nullifying Roe?

Pro-life bills only criminalize the abortionist. Why does an abolition bill criminalize the mother, too?

There is nothing loving about laws that allow people to murder their own children without consequences. This is not compassionate. It is a moral atrocity that actually brings harm to abortion-minded parents. By only criminalizing abortionists and giving the mother automatic immunity in all cases, Pro-Life laws legalize self-induced abortions. Just law must criminalize the act of abortion itself, not simply prohibit certain people from performing it. Inconsistencies like giving out automatic immunity played a major role in the Roe decision. Roe author Harry Blackmun wrote in footnote 54 of the Roe decision that by giving automatic immunity to the primary perpetrators of the crime, the state of Texas was betraying the fact that they did not actually think preborn humans were fully human and deserving of protection. If Christians and Pro-Lifers consistently treat abortion as murder according to God’s Word, then the culture and courts will have no reason to question our duplicity. 

Are criminal penalties retroactive?

No. Those who had abortions prior to abortion’s abolition will not be prosecuted.

What about situations in which the mother’s life is truly endangered?

When talking about the mother’s “health,” it is important to be very specific with our terms. The health exception defined in Doe v. Bolton (1973) is broad enough to include virtually anything, such as anxiety. In a situation where the only way to save the mother’s life is to end the pregnancy, it may be necessary to deliver the child early. As a result of early delivery, and depending on the child’s age at delivery, some children may not survive, and that is a tragedy, but no circumstance necessitates the child be murdered and then delivered. It is always the responsibility of the doctor to treat both human beings involved like human beings and attempt to save both, and it is always the responsibility of the magistrates to outlaw murder. Mother and baby must be overseen by medical staff in hospitals, not murder-minded abortionists in a murder mill.

Abolition bills are good, but incremental bills are still good too, right?

Incremental bills that regulate when, where, why, and how a mother or father can murder their preborn baby do nothing actually to save lives. These iniquitous decrees do, however, serve as legal precedent for murdering the most vulnerable and innocent among us. Regulation bills also communicate to the culture the insidious idea that we’re bound by every arbitrary court opinion up to and including orders to allow mass murder. Further, these bills teach dehumanizing, murder-justifying misinformation about preborn human beings. Outside of abortion mills, abortive mothers often parrot talking points justifying abortion that they learned from Pro-Life laws: “It’s okay. My baby won’t feel any pain.” “Life doesn’t begin until a detectable heartbeat.” In conservative states, incremental bills and the incremental ideology are quite literally all that’s standing in the way of abolition bills being passed, signed, and enforced.

    Incremental, regulatory, Pro-Life bills defy and usurp God’s authority and His Word. Jesus did not come preaching the gospel saying, “Incrementally repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” No. Jesus commands, with all authority, for all Christians to teach all people “to obey all that [He] commanded” (Matt 28:19-30). Jesus never commands His people to compromise with the culture of death. He is King. Every knee must and will bow to Him. God’s Word is the schoolmaster teaching God’s holy will. His grace trains us “to renounce ungodliness and worldly passions” (Titus 2:12). The conscience, working in coordination with the law He has written on the heart, only approves of full repentance, not partial. God never promotes an incremental approach to mortifying sin in our personal lives or otherwise, so neither should we. 

    The only way to make war on that which is making war on Christ is by Christ’s weapons. By His rule and reign, through His powerful Word. Abolitionists commit ourselves to do that which God has called us regardless of the consequences. The duty is ours. The results belong to God.




You will stand before God and give an account. The only way that will go well for you is because, if you are in Christ, Jesus rescued you who were being carried off to death! He marched to the cross to rescue you as you were stumbling to the slaughter. He interposed His precious blood. Seeing that Christ is our great example of rescuing those being carried off to death, we must not only offer real help to those who come to us, we must actively interpose on behalf of our preborn neighbors and at the same time offer the real hope of Christ clothed in His gospel. Did Christ Jesus only say, “Come to me . . . and I will give you rest?” (Matthew 11:28) or did He also say, “The Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost” (Luke 19:10)? You know He said both. Jesus is not only the Great Physician you must come to for help, He is also the Hound of Heaven who must track you down and rescue you without your permission. His rescue of you has left you a model for rescuing others, believer. Proverbs 24:11 is what the Lord Jesus Christ has done for you. Will you not do for others, in your small way, what Christ has done for you in His infinite way? As Christ has rescued us, we must rescue others. Oh, how sweet that the rescued become the rescuers!